Article 51:

The funding sources can be ensured by membership payments, donations, charity and attracting national and international assistance based on proposals to International NGOs, UN agencies and donor countries.

Article 52:

The organizational structure is according to the chart attached.

Article 53:

The terminated or punished member can submit a written complain to the Board of Directors.

Article 54:

Disqualification from the organization membership can happen in the cases of death, resignation, termination, long absence of more than 20 days without notice and approval of the Executive Director, project termination, noncompliance to internal rules and regulations, lack of capacity to perform the jobs and dissolution of the organization.

Article 55:

The Executive Director or the Deputy Director, and in their absence, those designated, are authorized to sign financial documents, contracts, proposals and any other documents on behalf of the organization.

Article 56:

The organization shall be dissolved in the following conditions:
⦁ Approval of the majority of General Assembly members during an extraordinary meeting and on the basis of the provisions of these statutes
⦁ Lack of financial resources to continue the activities
⦁ Any other impossibility to continue the activities

Article 57:

In case of dissolution, all financial accounts shall be clarified before the General Assembly and a report of the financial situation shall be sent to all relevant authorities.
In case of dissolution, all equipment and materials shall be handed to like-minded organizations with the approval of the Board of Directors, except when the equipment and materials acquired under the terms of a contract with a donor specifies otherwise.

Article 58:

In case of resignation or dismissal, the key personnel including the Executive Director, the Deputy Director, program managers and heads of finance and admin shall present a report of their transferring power, which ends their legal responsibility before the organization.

Article 59:

The founders shall not be entitled to any position within the Executive Committee. However, they may be recruited according to the staff recruitment rules and procedures.

Article 60:

The founding members shall not be held accountable for financial and administrative operations unless they fulfill financial and administrative responsibilities as part of the staff member.

Article 61:

These statutes include sixty one articles Comes into force immediately after 6th board of directors meeting in which it was approved by the board dated 10th June 2017.