Article 1: Aim of the Statute

The Statutes are enacted under the Afghan NGOs law for steering the overall organizational vision, mission and structure. It also determines the responsibilities and authorities of the leading bodies including the General Assembly, Board of Directors and Executive Secretariat. These Statutes also establish order, accountability and transparency within the organization.

Name of the Organization

This organization is named and registered with Afghan Ministry of Economy as Afghan Evaluation Society Organization, whose abbreviation is (AFESO) – for its activities; the business name used in documents would be Afghan Evaluation Society with abbreviation of (AfES).

Article 3: Founding Members

The named “Afghan Evaluation Society Organization” was founded by:
⦁ Mr. Samandar Mahmodi, as the Principal Founder
⦁ Mr. Qudratullah Jahid, as Founding Board Member
⦁ Mr. Imad Ahmad Haroon, as Founding Board Member
⦁ Mr. Tooryalay Nasery, as Founding Board Member

Article 4: Symbol

The organization symbol or logo is as following:

Article 5: Applicable Laws

The organization will follow in all its activities in the provisions of these statutes, the NGOs law and other laws of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Article 6: Location of the Organization

The Head Office or Main Office of the organization is in Kabul and shall perform the main activities from Kabul. Changing of address is decided by the organization and will be communicated to the NGOs department of the Ministry of Economy. In case of the expansion of activities, the organization shall establish field and provision offices in other provinces of Afghanistan.

Article 7: Start and Duration of the Activity

The Organization started its activities in August 2013 and then it was officially registered as a non-profit NGO in September 2015, and it will continue its activities for an unlimited duration.

Article 8: Independence

The organization is independent and is not affiliated to any commercial, political, religious, ethnic, racial or governmental group, organization, entity or institution. To represent Afghanistan’s evaluation community, the organization will keep active membership of national, regional and global networks and partnerships for promoting the theory, practice and use of evaluation.