Article 9: Vision

Vision of the organization is “Strengthened Evaluations for Sustainable Development”

Article 10: Mission

Mission of the organization is “To establish a leading platform for evaluation through capacity building, advocacy and networking, in order to support evidence-based decision making for sustainable and equitable development in Afghanistan”.

Article 11: Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives (SOs) of the organization are:
⦁ To establish a diverse network of evaluators, parliamentarians and civil society organizations committed to advance the theory, practice and use of evaluation.
⦁ To build human and institutional capacities in evaluation.
⦁ To establish linkages with regional Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs), institutions and universities for knowledge sharing and professionalization of evaluation.
⦁ To promote the SDGs agenda through advocacy, capacity building and awareness rising.

Article 12: Values

The organization, all its leading bodies, members, and staff shall adhere to the core values of the organization that include:
⦁ Integrity
⦁ Equity
⦁ Quality

Article 13: Activities of the Organization

Activities of the organization will include:
⦁ Research, generating evidence, Syntheses of data and information, and assessments that advance the theory, practice and use of evaluation in the public, development and private sectors.
⦁ Activities that support human and institutional capacity building in the field of evaluation.
⦁ Advocacy, awareness raising and lobbying for the practice and use of evaluations.
⦁ Networking, partnerships and collaborations with individuals, NGOs/INGOs, development partners, the government, private sector and universities, VOPEs, evaluation communities of practice and others to advance the theory, practice and use of evaluation in support of sustainable and equitable development in Afghanistan and the region.
⦁ Support evaluation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).