Article 39: Property Rights

All real properties and movables of the organization belong to the organization, are recorded as such and no staff member can claim a property right on them. Purchasing, recording and inventorying of the equipment and materials cannot be done with the name of any staff member.

Article 40: Reporting of assets

The total amount of the allocated budget shall be spent according to the objectives of the projects and the terms of the contract. A report of the expenditure shall be submitted to Ministry of Economy and other relevant authorities at the end of the fiscal year or as and when required by Afghan laws.
The Executive Director or the Deputy Director shall submit biannual and annual activity reports and annual financial report for approval to the Board of Directors.

Article 41: Selling of properties

The organization can sell and auction its used and old equipment and materials according to the NGOs law and spent financial resources gained on its nonprofit activities.

Article 42: Rental of properties

The organization can rent out its real properties and movables and use the financial resources obtained in its nonprofit activities.

Article 43: Recording and inventory

The organization does not have the right to sell its real properties and movables and share the incomes to its members. All the organization’s equipment and tools will be purchased with the receipts and documents. All equipment and materials including goods in stock shall be verified on time and looked after by a person appointed for this duty.