Afghan Evaluation Society (AfES) offer memberships to development professionals, evaluators, students, and institutions. As a Member, you will benefit from AfES relationships with targeted service and support providers relevant to our work in the field of evaluation. In addition, members are eligible for discounts in AfES services and products, including events, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Individual Membership Benefits:

  • Membership of the General Assembly: General assembly is responsible for nomination and election of the Board of Directors.
  • Networking with Global Evaluation Networks: members will be connected to global evaluation networks and forums to stay updated about the field and have access to opportunities.
  • Discount in membership fees and conference registration fess of the regional/global evaluation networks and societies with whom AfES has partnership
  • Letters of Support: for participation and/or acquiring funding for local or global events where required
  • Discount in AfES products and services: 20% discount in AfES products and services, including conferences, trainings, workshops, and seminars
  • AfES M&E Groups: members will be added to members exclusive group to receive a range of local and international opportunities that are shared with members only
  • Access to member exclusive area on the website
  • Opportunity to Serve by strengthening M&E function in Afghanistan

Institutional Membership Benefits:

  • Rapid M&E System Assessment: our M&E professionals will conduct a rapid M&E assessment of the member organizations and provide recommendations
  • Benefit to Employees of the Organizations: AfES will give priority to employees of the member organizations in the free trainings and/or workshops considering their relevancy and diversity
  • Special Discounts for Employees of the Organizations: AfES will give 15% discount to employees of member organizations in all paid training programs. Employees of member organization applying for AfES individual membership will receive a 20% membership fee discount.
  • AfES M&E Groups and Newsletter: member organizations and their M&E personnel will be added to AfES groups to receive M&E news, opportunities and updates
  • Free M&E Training: AfES will provide eight (8) hours of free M&E training on the organization’s topic of choice to their M&E personnel on annual basis.
S.NCategoryOne time entrance feeAnnual subscription feeMultiple years discounted
subscription fee
1Institutional Membership $100 / AFN 7,000$250 / AFN 17,500


Individual Membership - Professional


$80 / AFN 5600
2 years $ 150 ($75 per year)
3 years $ 180 ( $60 per year)
4 years $ 200 ($ 50 per year)
3Individual Membership - Student N/A$30 / AFN 2,100N/A