Reporting and Financial Operations

Article 47:
⦁ The organization shall maintain an Afghani and a USD account.
⦁ Bank accounts should have at least two signatories assigned by the Board of Directors.
⦁ Approval for opening of specific bank accounts, such as account for certain projects, or specific donors shall be sought from the Board of Directors.
⦁ The financial and accounting operations shall be conducted following allocated proposed budgets and the national and international standards
⦁ All expenditure shall be covered according to proposed budget to donors. Expenditure reports shall be provided to donors and the Ministry of Economy.
⦁ The financial reports including annual income and expenditure statements shall be audited based on the finance and accounting standards. Copies of the reports shall be kept in internal archives and sent to the Ministry of Economy and donors.
⦁ All redemptions, expenditures and donated equipment shall be recorded as in-kind after accurate financial measurement in the financial reports.
⦁ The fiscal year of the organization is 12 months that starts at 1st of January and ends at December 31st. The organization shall use this calendar for reporting.