Institutional Membership Benefits:

  • Rapid M&E System Assessment: our M&E professionals will conduct a rapid M&E assessment of the member organizations and provide recommendations
  • Benefit to Employees of the Organizations: AfES will give priority to employees of the member organizations in the free trainings and/or workshops considering their relevancy and diversity
  • Special Discounts for Employees of the Organizations: AfES will give 15% discount to employees of member organizations in all paid training programs. Employees of member organization applying for AfES individual membership will receive a 20% membership fee discount.
  • AfES M&E Groups and Newsletter: member organizations and their M&E personnel will be added to AfES groups to receive M&E news, opportunities and updates
  • Free M&E Training: AfES will provide eight (8) hours of free M&E training on the organization’s topic of choice to their M&E personnel on annual basis.

*M&E Directorates/Department of Ministries, independent bodies, Projects, Programs are eligible to obtain institutional membership.

Application for Institutions Membership

  • Details of Organization

  • Details of Representative (Focal Point)

  • Alternative Point of Contact

  • Career Relevancy